Sacha Rivière, is a French-Californian native, a husband and father, lives and hikes in Topanga Canyon. He practices Yoga, Meditation, and saying “Good Night” to the Sun with his 2 year old almost everyday. 

Sacha Rivière has worked on hundreds of commercials, documentaries, music videos, and independent feature films. 

Sacha continues his work filming Short Films, Music Videos and Commercials, winning awards in the 2011 Caribe & FIAP South American Film Festivals.

Sacha started businesses specializing in Digital Cinematography support and Digital Imaging Technician support. His companies The DIT House and Vitafilm Productions started in 2012.

Recently Sacha Rivière started Mindfulness Studios , a Production Company with the goal of raising awareness one film at a time.

His work has been exhibited in:

Create Fixate’s 2005 Optical Lounge

Create Fixate’s 2005, 2006 Photography Show

Venice Art Walk 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Fritto Misto Santa Monica 2011

Topanga Canyon Pop-Up art show 2012

Outfest “FAMILLA?” Official Selection 2018